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It can sometimes be hard to ask for help or to acknowledge you are suffering from mental health problems and don’t know where to turn. Many young people are fiercely independent and may feel they don’t want help.

However, our self management courses are a perfect way to get involved with our project and get help as soon as possible. We run self management courses regularly and it is a great way to learn more information about mental health, coping strategies and meet other young people who might be experiencing similar difficulties.

Each course focuses on a particular mental health concern, is around 3 hours long and can run from between two weeks and four weeks. We are currently running the following courses:

  • Manage Your Mind – An overall look at the types of things that might be affecting your mental health and how you can help keep your mind as healthy as possible. This is our most general course and a great place to start if you want develop your own resilience, meet other young people and get to know the project workers. It is in two sessions of 3.5 hours which are spaced a week apart.
  • Anxiety Management – Many of the young people we have spoken to have said that Anxiety plays a large part in their life, from general worries and stresses to being anxious about leaving the house. This course runs over four weeks and is a safe environment for you to come and learn more about anxiety and how you can challenge those anxious thoughts!
  • Lifting Low Mood – This course focuses on giving you the skills you need to be able to take practical steps to improving your mood. The course runs over four sessions, usually spaced a week apart.
  • Understanding Anger - Lots of different things can cause us to feel angry. This course helps people to understand  what causes their anger, what effects it has and better ways to cope with it. The course is four sessions which are usually for about two hours each, a week apart.


Be in charge of your future & make changes!
1 in 10 young people have a mental health disorder